Dr. Ruchi Gupta is an alumni of Barkatullah University and Gandhi Medical college and hospital, Bhopal. She is a gold medallist in M.Phil (Clinical Psychology ). Her overall experience is of more than 15 years & is exclusively running the Child Guidance & Adolescent Guidance Clinic. She is providing psychological interventions like counselling, behaviour therapy, Stress Management, Psycho-education and psychotherapies for people and adolescents facing problems related to addiction of various kinds and other related psychotherapies for various psychological stresses any person is going through. She is a good team member for the comprehensive management of Psychiatric illness and de-addictive disorders.

She also assisted the Group of Australian Psychiatric Team for survey work on Autism and related behavioural problems in Indian children & also conducted Personality Development programme exclusively for children and teens of today by Institute of National Education. She also organizes programmes for creating positive behaviour in children and adolescent group and various orientation programmes for teachers and parents to analyze the positive behaviour and encouraging the right way to improve them in studies & overall personality. She specializes in indoor as well as OPD De-addiction with a focus on Motivation Enhancement Therapy), Child & Teen Behaviour problems, Depression, Relationship problems, Anger Management & Stress Management.

In addition provide psychotherapies for Mood disorders, Compulsive behaviours, Sleep disorders and delusional ideations also. She also is presently working for corporate stress management counselling and life style management sessions. She is providing Neuro-psychology testing, personality tests, psycho-diagnostic tests, intelligence tests, memory function and learning problems analysis and providing psychotherapies to children and mentally ill patients. She has special interest in adolescence counselling, de-addiction counselling. Presently her article on depression has arrived in LIFE STYLE MAGAZINE.


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