Lab Support: – Comprehensive in house Lab support is providing by HELIX PATH LAB which is a well trusted brand for accurate reporting of collected sample.

The Lab facilities available are:

  1. Hematology tests
  2. Blood Biochemistry
  3. Hormonal test

Various discount packages available.

Early Reporting facility

Home Collection of sample.

Pharmacy: – A well stocked in house Pharmacy with standard medicines for adults and children.

 Health products and dental products are available

Competitive pricing

Discounts available

Call the center for more information.

Day Care procedure

Day Cay Procedure undertaken as Health Square Mohali.

  1. Cyst Excision
  2. Incision and drainage
  3. Nail Removal
  4. Ear piercing
  5. Plastic and micro suturing for trauma cases.
  6. Proctoscopy
  7. Upper G.I Endoscopy
  8. Colonoscopy
  9. Sigmoidoscopy
  10. ERCP
  11. Hydrogen breath test
  12. Fibroscan
  13. Plasters